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BFM24A - the firing module on 24 cues for run fireworks on commands from the control computer and Master BFC or a PyroPlayer BFP on RS485 network or a radio channel. The module is installed in close proximity to pyroelements.


BFM24A is a standalone 24-channel module for run fireworks from the Master BFC or a PyroPlayer BFP on RS485 network or a radio channel.

Is based on thePrinciple of the "BROCART" firing system 

It Provides:

  • connection to the panel 24 pyroelements grouped in 4 address groups - on 6 cues in everyone;

  • use of two operation modes of the panel:                                                                - a checking regime of the connected pyro-elements - "Test";                              - ready mode and start-up of a pyro-element - "Fire".

Important: switching of the modes is made by clicking the corresponding button "Test" or "Fire". The module is automatically transferred to the "Test" mode at each its inclusion and switching off 

  • control of availability of igniter and operability of the line:
            - via the computer interface;
            - or to LED indicators on the case of the module.


  • key switch of turning on / off of the module;

  • terminals for connection of the 2-wire network cable NC2 (RS485) or a radio modem BFW;

  • 48 terminals for connection of igniters, on 12 terminals in 4 groups;

  • buttons for switching the module in "Test" and "Fire" modes;

  • LED indicators of control of the connected igniters;

  • built-in rechargeable battery of a power supply 12v 7Ah;

  • the connector for connection of the external battery of a power supply and charging of the internal battery;

  • shockproof, dustproof and moisture-proof case

  • dimensions: 300х200х170

  • weight - 2кг


Use of the firing module is based on the Principle of the "BROCART" firing system - grouping of firing cues in 4 address groups on 6 cues in everyone. This basic system (see the scheme below) can control 24 firing cues.

Master BW.png

To expand a system to control of more than 24 cues or to expand a panorama of your display fireworks, add firing modules, having parallelized them on all line of RS485 network the 2-wire cable NС2.  In one network no more than 30 modules can be used. Total length of network (from the master to the last module) - 1.2 km

BFM24A Network.jpg
Master BW.png

*Connection devices to pyroelements are not shown for simplification

In this example the system will control 120 cues (24 cues on module x of 5 modules = the 120th cues).

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